Cycling the Med

NOTE:  It is April 2013, I have been home in Sydney, Australia for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t possibly do justice to the last few months of my adventure by trying to remember the details of what / who I encountered, and my associated thoughts and feelings.  I will bring my account to a close by sharing the photographic documentation of the remainder of my journey, as well as a few explanatory words.

Thanks for reading.


I crossed the Iranian / Turkish border with the intention of cycling the 1,500kms to Gallipoli to meet Phil & Karel in time for Anzac Day.  However, seeing the snow-covered mountains in the distance, the mountains indicated on my map and being the sun-loving Aussie totally unprepared for minus temperatures that I am, I jumped on yet another bus to the southern Mediterranean coastal town of Antalya.

This left me with about 700kms along the Meditteranean coast to my meeting point with my global sailing, adventuring aunt and uncle.  This stunning and difficult ride would prove to be my last for the tour and I ended with the wind in my hair, reaching my top tour speed of 81kms/hour in the very last hour of my very last day.

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