It Has Begun

Fortunately our steeds survived the flight in good nick

Fortunately our steeds survived the flight in good nick

Well the tour is well and truly under way having cycled for the last 2 days from KLIA to KL. Thankfully Adam and I arrived without any dramas and with our bikes in one piece despite just wheeling them onto the plane as they are.

Day 1 posed many questions for us such as how hot it was actually going to be, what the condition of the roads would be like and whether or not Malaysian truck drivers put the life of an Australian cyclist above or on par with a cockroach. Fortunately, the weather was hot and humid but tolerable, the roads were wide and well paved and the drivers would rather veer into oncoming traffic than come anywhere near us. In fact, i feel safer here than on most roads in Sydney but that’s not saying much as i’m convinced Sydney drivers/roads are some of the worst on the planet.

Ado doing what he does best

Ado doing what he does best

So we ended up in a city called Klang on the first night and were the ONLY two white guys in the whole place – probably for good reason as it was a bit of a dive. The view from our hotel window was not disimilar to that of Beirut in July ’06. We got outta there quick smart the following day and headed to KL, but due to our map of Malaysia, which is in no way accurate except that the general shape of the country is similar, we didn’t know where we were all day until a block from our hostel.



So after 120kms over 2 days, we’re buggered and have decided to reward ourselves with a rest day in KL tomorrow to see some sights and just be regular tourists.

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